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Constant Temperature Workshop

Constant Temperature Workshop

Constant Temperature And Constant Humidity Workshop The scope of application of constant temperature and humidity workshop: Widely used in precision manufacturing, tobacco, tea, food, health products, medical pharmaceutical, optoelectronics, chemical raw materials, furniture, wood products manufacturing enterprises, in accordance with ISO and GB relevant standards, precision manufacturing, tobacco The production of commodities such as tea, food, health products, medical pharmaceuticals, chemical raw materials, furniture, and wood products, especially the inspection of physical items, must be conducted under the conditions of a standard environment and climate.

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constant temperature  workshop

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The construction purpose of the constant temperature and humidity workshop is mainly reflected in two aspects: the production process on the environmental temperature and humidity requirements, and the production equipment on the environment temperature and humidity requirements. Constant temperature and constant humidity workshop because of relatively large area and the product is more unified, so the relative control precision, the constant temperature and constant humidity workshop is slightly lower than the constant temperature and constant humidity laboratory. 

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