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What Are The Main Noise Indicators For Measuring Dust-free Workshops?
Jun 20, 2018

The dust-free workshop noise standards are generally stricter than those for protection of health. The purpose is to ensure that operations are carried out normally and that necessary conversational contact and safe and comfortable working conditions are met. Therefore, the main indicators for measuring noise in clean rooms are:

1. The effect of trouble

Due to noise, people feel uneasy and have trouble emotions. They are generally divided into very quiet, very quiet, quiet, slightly noisy, relatively noisy and extremely noisy. Where the level of response is very noisy and extremely noisy, it is high anxiety, and the percentage of high number of troubles in the total number is high anxiety rate.

2. Impact on work efficiency

This mainly depends on the three levels of response. These three aspects are: concentration, accuracy of action, and speed of work.

3. Interference with integrated communications

This is mainly divided into: Clear or Satisfactory, Slightly Difficult and Difficult. It is impossible to evaluate the above three indicators with the A level. In the 1950s, it was proposed to use a spectrum curve as an evaluation criterion that the sound pressure level of the center frequency of each band must not exceed the curve. Later, it was learned that the degree of noise and noise of the brush A level to measure the degree of voice interference and annoyance is more suitable, and it can replace the octave band sound pressure level as an indicator of evaluation criteria.

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