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The Enclosure Structure Of The Purification Plant Should Have Good Sound Insulation Performance
Jun 20, 2018

Decontamination Engineering Company's Approach to Controlling Noise Pollution First, all equipment selected by the decontamination engineering company should be low-noise products. For the equipment whose radiation noise value exceeds the allowable value of the clean room, special sound insulation facilities (such as soundproof rooms, acoustic enclosures, etc.) shall be provided.

Secondly, the noise control requirements should be taken into consideration when decontaminating engineering companies design flat and profile sections of a factory building. The envelope structure of the clean room should have good sound insulation performance and make the sound insulation of all parts close.

Again, the noise level in the decontamination project (empty), non-unidirectional flow clean room should not exceed 60dB (A), and the unidirectional flow, mixed flow clean room should not exceed 65dB (A).

Finally, for the noise spectrum limitation of the decontamination engineering company, the octave sound pressure level should be used, and the sound pressure level of each frequency band should not be greater than that specified in Table 2. When the noise of the purification ventilation and air-conditioning engineering system exceeds the allowable value, control measures such as sound insulation, noise elimination, and vibration isolation shall be taken. The exhaust system in the clean room should be designed for noise reduction in addition to accident ventilation.

The above are some points that the decontamination engineering company can take in controlling noise, and provide reference for reference. Nowadays people have higher and higher requirements for purification engineering. Low noise is an inevitable trend. It is hoped that colleagues can work together to provide better services.

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