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Small And Medium-sized Dust-free Workshops To Expand Or Transform Air Circulation Mode
Jun 20, 2018

The air flow is sent to the static pressure box by the wind, enters the dust-free workshop through the high efficiency filter, and then enters the return air clip channel from the return air primary effect filter. Part of the return air flow and fresh air coming from the fresh air primary effect filter pass through the intermediate effect filter. Into the fan room, another part of the return air flow directly into the air inlet of the air-conditioning, after the air cooling through the shroud and cold air duct into the fan room.

After the two parts of the flow are mixed in the fan room, they are sent to the static pressure box by the fan through the medium efficiency filter on the wind box, and then enter the clean room to form the air circulation system through the high efficiency filter. From the circulation of the gas flow, we know that we have formed a very good three-stage filtration state. Therefore, the air quality of the clean room has been reliably guaranteed. On this basis, the structure and layout of the air outlet of the high-efficiency filter are adjusted, and with the corresponding air volume, the clean form and cleanliness of the clean room can be determined to suit different needs.

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