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Small And Medium-sized Dust-free Workshops To Expand Or Transform Structural Models
Jun 20, 2018

The average height of the old factory buildings is about 3m. The area and shape are different from the actual needs. Usually, the air ducts cannot be installed in a regular manner, and technical laminations and special air-conditioning systems are installed.

Small and medium-sized dust-free workshops to expand or transform structural models

Using ordinary air conditioners to send cool air directly to the air mainstream area to transform the schematic diagram of the clean room. The dust-free workshop was built in the old factory building with a room height of 3m. The dust-free workshop wall was constructed with sandwiched color steel plates and was about 2.4m high. The clean room had a fan room at the top and was about 0.6m high, including a wind cabinet.

The fan room is completely closed around the inside of the fan room, with a ventilated, inwardly-filtered inlet filter. The fan is installed in the wind cabinet and the lower part is a static pressure box and a high efficiency filter. There is no return air filter on the underside of the dust-free workshop. The outer side of the clean room is a return air clip channel, and the return air clip channels are connected to each other, and at least one split-type split air conditioner is included. The air-conditioner can use a common cabinet-type split air conditioner first, and its air outlet is equipped with a diversion hood and a cold air duct, and the other end of the cold air duct is installed in a fan room. Under normal circumstances, ordinary air-conditioning blower can be sent to the outside of 15 m cold air, basically to meet the general use of small and medium-sized clean room, when the distance from the wind is far, you can add a fan in the cold air pipe to increase the supply pressure.

It must be noted that the shroud and cold air duct must be insulated. The thickness of the indoor unit of a common cabinet-type split air conditioner is generally 0.25m to 0.35m taking into account the width of the shroud, and the minimum width of the return air clip can be made 0.5 m to 0.7 m. When the wall-mounted air conditioner is selected, the width of the return air clip channel can also be reduced, and the width of the remaining return air clip channels can be made at least 0.1 m. In this way, the design of the clean room allows the maximum use of the building space.

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