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Clean Room Design Points
Jun 20, 2018

Cleanroom design must be done by a professional company, because the design of the workshop is related to many elements. A professional company can help you to consider all aspects of the design. Today, the clean room workshop Xiaobian took everyone from the site selection principle, the line planning points, the air purification system, energy conservation principles to bring everyone to understand the next clean room design points.

Site selection principle: The selection of clean room address should meet the principle of favorable production, convenient life, saving investment and operating expenses. The site should be located in a location where the natural environment and water quality are good, the concentration of dust in the atmosphere is low, and the microclimate caused by terrain, features, and landforms is conducive to production and energy conservation. It should be far from areas that emit dust, smoke, toxic gases and microorganisms. , Such as airports, railways, docks, traffic arteries, etc., and in the side of the source of pollution and dominant wind direction throughout the year, and there is a certain protection distance. The distance between clean room and main roads should be more than 50 meters.

● Key points of the line planning: To review and analyze the flow of people and vehicles, piping systems, exhaust pipes, material handling and operation procedures, etc., to shorten the line of movement as much as possible, and to avoid crossover to prevent cross-contamination. Operators, chemicals, materials, etc. Do not focus on the line; around the dust-free workshop, should set up a buffer zone; access to manufacturing equipment, do not have a major impact on the operation.

● Some air purification system air, if it can not avoid cross-contamination, can not be recycled: solid materials crushing, weighing, mixing, mixing, making, pressing, coating, filling and other processes; Refinement of organic solvents, refining of raw materials, drying process; radioactive drug production area; pathogen operating area; process of producing a large number of harmful substances, volatile gases production process;

● Energy-saving principle: There are plenty of places in the clean room that can save energy, such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), process cooling, compressed air and some other facilities. The HVAC system consumes more than half the electricity used by the entire wafer fab. The reason for the large amount of wasted electricity and the excess capacity of HVAC is largely due to the short cuts in the design and construction of factories, and the reduction of initial investment as much as possible, regardless of post-operation costs. High-efficiency design and high-efficiency equipment require large up-front investment. The so-called short-cuts and cost-cuttings of "small waste in large areas" will result in a decrease in the plant's operating performance and increase in energy consumption. The reconstruction of a completed factory usually falls into a senseless economic vortex.

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