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Clean Room Construction Requirements
Jun 20, 2018

The dust-free workshop is now very common, and many workshops are required to operate in a dust-free environment. Therefore, there are many construction projects in clean rooms. When the clean room is under construction, what are the requirements? In order to better serve customers, Xiao Bian thinks that clean room construction should be implemented according to the following standards.

1. The construction of dust-free workshop workers shall be subject to unified system training, and construction work shall be carried out only after passing the assessment. Those who fail to pass the assessment shall not be allowed to perform services to the customers' vehicles.

2. Persons unrelated to dust-free workshops are not allowed to enter the premises. If there are special circumstances, they are allowed to enter after entering into the dust-free workshop. They need to change their shoes or wear shoe covers, and are led by the inside of the workshop.

3. The clean room staff should keep the interior of the workshop clean and tidy. The tools and equipment must not be placed in a random manner. After use, they should be put back to their original location. If tools are borrowed, they should be promptly taken back. The tools are checked at the end of each month.

4, vehicle inspection, construction personnel carefully check the vehicle, found problems in a timely manner with the customer or the relevant responsible person to communicate, and record a good number of kilometers and oil, and finally confirmed by the customer signature.

5, the vehicle entering and leaving the workshop needs to be photographed and retained. If any problems are found during the construction work, they shall report to the team leader or the receptionist in time and solve it in time, and shall not conceal or report it.

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