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Clean Room Applications
Jun 20, 2018

With the development of society, more and more industries need clean room purification projects. The needs of the production process are closely related to the production equipment and production environment. So where can the dust-free workshop be used?


Industrial dust-free workshops target the control of inanimate particles. The air pollution is mainly controlled by the airborne particles, and the internal pressure is generally maintained at a positive pressure. It applies to precision machinery industry, electronic industry (semiconductor, integrated circuit, etc.) aerospace industry, high purity chemical industry, atomic energy industry, optical magnetic product industry (disc, film, tape production) LCD (liquid crystal glass), computer hard disk, computer head Production and other industries.


The biological dust-free workshop mainly controls the contamination of living objects (bacteria) and non-living particles (dust) on the working objects. Can be divided into:

A. General biological clean room: It mainly controls the contamination of microorganism (bacteria) objects. At the same time, its internal materials must withstand the erosion of various sterilizing agents, and the internal pressure is generally guaranteed. Substantially its internal materials should be able to withstand various sterilization processes in industrial clean rooms. Examples: Pharmaceutical industry, hospitals (operating rooms, sterile wards) Food, cosmetics, beverage product production, animal laboratories, physical and chemical laboratory, blood stations, etc.

B. Biology Security Cleanroom: It mainly controls the pollution of external particles and living people from living particles. The interior must maintain negative pressure with the atmosphere. Examples: Bacteriology, Biology, Clean Laboratory, Property Engineering (recombinant genes, vaccine preparation).

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