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What to do in the clean workshop
Jun 21, 2018

The cleanroom is a complex and large project. It requires many types of work to participate in the construction at the same time. It cannot be put into use directly after the completion of the construction. It requires a professional inspection unit to test the cleanroom. The inspection work requires the use of many equipments, and the inspection work is also tedious. . Only the inspection workshop parameters meet the production requirements before they can be put into use. What is the inspection of the clean workshop to do for you?

1. Wind speed ventilation

The most important thing in a clean room is the cleanliness of the air. Air cleanliness is mainly determined by the number of air changes, the amount of air supply, and the wind speed. According to the degree of cleanliness required for production, deliver enough clean air to the workshop, calculate the number of air changes, properly plan the air flow, dilute the pollutants in the workshop, and discharge the air through the exhaust outlet to the outside to achieve a clean workshop. The degree of cleanliness required. The inspectors need to check the cleanliness, air supply, wind speed, airflow direction and flow pattern, and uniformity of air supply in the room. These are the items that must be checked.

2, planktonic bacteria

In the production of cleanrooms or in the production of planktonic bacteria from the outside, the inspectors need to set up detection points. The detection points need to be about 0.8-1.2m away from the ground. Different numbers of detection points are set according to the size of the workshop area, and the monitoring points cannot be set for the outlets. Need to stay away from the air outlet about 30cm, you can also set up detection points next to the production equipment, sampling section, all samples need to be placed in a constant temperature incubator cultured for 48 hours to detect the presence of contamination.

3, temperature and humidity

The products produced in the cleanroom have requirements for temperature and humidity shaking. Therefore, the temperature and humidity in the workshop need to be detected. Two inspections are required, one is normal detection and the other is dynamic detection.

4, noise

The clean room is a closed space where noise will not spread and it will reflect on the wall to form secondary noise, affecting the staff's mood and slowing down the production efficiency. The noise detection requires a professional staff to set the detection distance of about 1.2 meters from the ground. Point, according to the different area set different number of monitoring points, set a small area, the area can be set to four.

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