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What are the processes of the purification workshop construction?
Jun 21, 2018

The purification plant is a very complex project. There are many construction workers and the construction process is complex. The professional purification project is generally required to undertake. Because any negligence of details will affect the quality of the purification plant. There are construction procedures in the construction. What are the processes for the purification workshop construction?

1. Before the construction of the purification plant, it is necessary to set design drawings and construction technical requirements according to the production process. The construction of the purification plant requires different types of work. During the cross construction of different types of work, the construction personnel should communicate with each other to jointly discuss the precautions for cross construction. If there is no timely communication with the electric construction personnel during construction, the seat switch and the observation window will overlap.

Second, the materials and equipment used in the purification plant are to be inspected and re-inspected during installation. The necessary conditions can be checked with the owner. If the observation window is not directly installed, the quality of the observation window cannot be guaranteed and it is not checked together with the owner. The owner is not satisfied with the observation window, and the observation window must be replaced and reinstalled.

3. During the construction process of the purification plant, the construction progress and quality control shall be strictly controlled, and the management shall be strictly formulated. The decontamination engineering company shall have onsite supervisors to control and inspect the site.

Fourth, the purification plant in the production, the material is often transported and the construction process is not the same, is preparing the construction process, the material is often not timely transported to the construction site, has not yet been the construction process, the material is transported to the construction site, so we must rationalize the process And the supply of materials.

Fifth, the purification plant will use a lot of plates. The floor of the purification plant has high floors. The plates are all standing on the bottom of the floor beams. When the plate is too large, it will be difficult to handle and it will scrape the pipelines, which will seriously impede the handling. So the board can be cut and used.

6. After the door of the purification plant is reserved, the closed door is finally installed. Friction may occur at the bottom of the installation of the closed door and the floor, causing damage to the closed door and avoiding this situation. The thickness of the DC flat cement and PVC floor shall be taken into account when setting the door opening.

7. In the installation of the air shower in the purification plant, the wind speed is too large and too small to be suitable. If the wind speed is too small, particles on the surface cannot be blown. Excessive wind speed results in wasted energy. After the installation of the air shower, a lot of checks must be made. Whether the motor is in the wrong phase sequence or not causes the fan to reverse or wind speed is too small.

8. The plates used in the purification plant should be produced according to the design drawings. A part of the plates should be reserved for use according to actual conditions.

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