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What are the decontamination engineering design elements
Jun 21, 2018

Decontamination project is a large project, not only requires high professional knowledge, but also needs to be fully considered in the design. If it is not considered properly, it will directly affect the future use of the decontamination project. The decontamination project requires a formal company to undertake the design. It needs a complete set of design drawings, including general design drawings, plane design drawings, sectional design drawings, etc. These drawings are not imagined, need to consider the site of the original building and production processes, in order to design a production-conforming design. Program. What are the design elements of decontamination engineering for you?

The overall design of the decontamination project is to satisfy the production process, to rationally design the original building, to use the space rationally, and to scientifically arrange the equipment so as to ensure that it can meet the production of the enterprise, reduce operating costs, save energy, and reduce the cost. Equipment is forbidden to be placed in too narrow a position and it is not convenient for the daily maintenance of the staff.

The most important part of the decontamination project in Dongguan is the air-conditioning purification system, with specific design details:

1, the choice of air conditioning installation location

Indoor air cleanliness is mainly controlled by air conditioning, so the location of air conditioning is very critical, and the installation location is not correct, then the effect will be greatly reduced in use. It is worth noting that the return air outlet of the air conditioner cannot be directly exposed to the sun.

2, air conditioning outlet and decoration with

The people’s aesthetic vision is constantly improving. The factory building needs interior decoration before it is put into use. The interior decoration needs are perfectly combined with the air conditioning to determine the way and shape of air conditioning return air outlet to ensure the effect of air conditioning.

3, the choice of model and capacity

In the decontamination project, the choice of air-conditioning capacity is very important, the capacity selection is too small, and the effect of air conditioning is not good. If the capacity selection is too large, it will increase the operating costs. Before the air conditioner is installed and installed, professional air conditioner designers are required to check the venues, and according to the reasonable air conditioning of the venue, select the appropriate model and configure the best air conditioning capacity.

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