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The layout of the clean room project
Jun 21, 2018

Many industries need a relatively high production environment, need clean room to produce products, improve product quality, different industry production process is not the same, in the layout of the dust-free workshop project is not the same, the general clean room can be divided For the clean area, the non-clean area and the auxiliary area, the following gives you a detailed description of the layout of the clean room project.

There are many forms of dust-free workshops, including porch wraparound, interior gallery style, two-end style, etc. Different styles are different in structure. Surrounding verandah style: The clean area is set in the middle, surrounded by a verandah on the outside, and the veranda can be equipped with windows and no windows. There are often customers to watch in the clean room, you can choose to have a window outside the corridor wrap type, on the veranda You can set up some equipment, and you can also set up a duty room if the outside corridor needs to have a double-sided sealing window. Interior corridor type: The clean room is set outside, and the corridor is set inside. Because the corridor is inside the clean room, the cleanliness needed is not lower than that of the clean room. Two-way type: It separates the clean area from the unclean area, and is installed at both ends of the clean room. The core type is: The clean area is centrally arranged in the middle of the clean room, surrounded by the non-clean area and the auxiliary area. To reduce the floor area as much as possible, the clean area is relatively close to the auxiliary area, and the pipeline can be shortened. The impact of external factors on the clean area is very small, so there are also energy-saving effects.

The dustless workshop project is a complex project. The non-standard design and construction will affect the use of the clean room. Therefore, before the design of the clean room, the designer needs to check the architectural plane of the original building, understand the production process, and make a design. The plan, reasonable layout of workshops and materials used to meet the needs of customers, planning for the cold source, heat source, air-conditioner purifier, exhaust system, etc. of dust-free workshops. Cleanroom workshops need to strictly comply with relevant national standards. And standard operation.

Select the internal materials of clean room project Note:

In the normal use of dust-free workshops, the daily cleaning needs to be done on the workshop every day. Normally, pure water is used to clean the interior of the room. There are some difficult-to-remove contaminants. It is also possible to wipe off with disinfectant, alcohol, and other solutions. These solvents are chemically expensive, and often these solvents are used to wipe the surface of the material, and the surface of the material may discolor or fall off. Therefore, the interior materials of the clean room need chemical resistance.

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