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Scientific and rational clean room workshop purification engineering construction process
Jun 21, 2018

Cleanroom project construction needs to be combined with the actual situation after comprehensive consideration, and then abide by the relevant standards, norms, according to the specific detailed construction drawings to develop the construction plan, the entire decontamination project construction process is carried out step by step in order to ensure the quality of clean workshop construction to meet the requirements To achieve the desired effect.

Cleanroom construction process: Take-off measurement → Clean room engineering ground leveling → Ventilation pipe installation → Clean room project envelope structure installation → Clean room engineering ceiling installation → Clean room project PVC floor construction → Instrument equipment installation → Ventilation equipment and Air outlet installation → equipment commissioning → system-wide testing

First, clean room construction

1. The cleanroom project requires a comprehensive inspection before tearing the membrane

Inspection items include: whether the ventilation ducts, air-conditioning equipment, doors and windows are installed in place, and make relevant records. In addition, it should be noted that the cleaning and gluing must be carried out simultaneously. After the ceiling and wallboard are installed, the film is torn.

2, ceiling hanging production and installation:

According to all the hanging points determined, the size of the used squeezing bar (round steel production) is calculated. According to the distance between the hanging points, the type of the main keel (C-shaped steel) is determined to ensure that the ceiling load meets the specification requirements. Strictly control the connection between the truss and the floor to ensure that it is vertical, does not fall off, and the main keel and T-keel installation level.

Second, clean room project construction method

The production of color steel plates is carried out in the factory. Through advanced production process control, the degree of quality assurance is high.

Construction method:

In Place Preparation: Color steel panels are prefabricated building panels that can be short, not narrow, and not wide. Constitute big faces in small pieces and survive once. Only by guaranteeing the correct position of each board can we guarantee the quality of all board installations and the installation quality of spare parts.

Reliable connection: The connection between the color steel plate and the ceiling keel, the connection between the plate and the plate, and the connection between the plate and the accessory are the main steps to ensure the safe use of the plate. Each point must be carefully connected to ensure the overall reliability.

Sealing Leakage: The ceiling composed of plates must ensure that the vertical and horizontal seams are tightly lapped. The sealing of joints and exposed joints is of critical importance. Only when each line and every point is sealed is good enough to guarantee total quality.

Engineering cooperation: with the ceiling opening and closing seal to ensure the progress of the entire project.

Third, the clean room project surrounding wall plate installation

1. The production of sheet metal is the same as that of the ceiling. Calculate the size and number of all the wallboards according to the construction drawings and store them in advance at the factory. As soon as the site conditions are ripe, it will be shipped to the site.

2, familiar with the drawings on the wall position positioning line.

3. Install aluminum troughs according to drawings, and use aluminum expansion troughs to connect to the floor.

4, the installation of aluminum accessories. Arc aluminum is installed on the corner between the wall and the ceiling, wall and floor, and the wall to ensure no dead ends and no screws on the surface.

IV. Installation of clean room engineering doors and windows

In strict accordance with the requirements of the drawings, the installation must be accurate, the corners ensure the verticality, and the sealing degree is good.

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