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How to prevent static electricity in the clean workshop
Jun 21, 2018

Nowadays, the company's production is inseparable from the clean room. The clean room is widely used in every industry. Different industries have different performances in using the clean room. For example, the electronic industry needs to consider the anti-static factors of the clean room. The electronics industry will The production of some electronic components has high requirements on the production environment. It requires special equipment to test the workshop. In particular, consider whether static electricity affects electronic components. Here's how to prevent static electricity in a clean room.

1. Cleanrooms need to ensure a certain humidity, humidity will seriously affect the static electricity. When designing a clean room, the temperature of a typical workshop should be about 23°C. After the temperature reaches a certain standard, the generation of static electricity can be prevented. Therefore, the temperature of the workshop must be guaranteed in the design. The workshop also needs to set up an ionizer to eliminate static electricity and prevent static electricity. Each industry uses cleanrooms to control the temperature and humidity of the workshop. Set up related equipment.

2. After laying the floor of the clean workshop, anti-static carpets can also be laid on the ground to prevent the generation of static electricity which will improve the quality of the products. At present, the anti-static plastic carpets or other anti-static carpets are commonly used in the cleanrooms, so that the staff can work on the carpets. Walking can suppress the walking of workers and generate static electricity.

3. Workers themselves will generate static electricity. In the normal production of cleanrooms, workers will generate static electricity when they rub and touch the equipment. Therefore, the staff should wear static clean clothes, anti-static gloves, and cleanliness when entering the workshop. Shoes and so on. Cars and boxes used in transportation should have anti-static properties.

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