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How to Make a Safe Construction in a Clean Room Construction
Jun 21, 2018

Cleanroom is a complex project that requires many construction workers to work at the same time. The constructors need to ensure the quality of the construction during construction. They also need to consider the safety of construction, manage the construction personnel, and always put the safety of the constructors at the top of the list. position. Ensure the construction safety under the premise of ensuring the normal operation of construction. In particular, to strengthen the safety technology of construction workers, the following describes how to do a safe construction of clean room construction.

1. All the staff involved in the construction of dust-free workshops need to conduct pre-job training, improve the safety awareness of construction workers, organize all construction personnel to conscientiously study the safety technical regulations, implement the responsibilities to individuals, and establish a safety induction card system, unlicensed Employees are prohibited from participating in construction.

2. The dust-free workshop engineering company needs to formulate rules and regulations based on the construction conditions, and the special person is responsible for the safety work on the construction site.

3. The construction of clean rooms requires careful implementation of policies for safe production and labor protection. Avoid illegal operations. If the construction progress exceeds the regulations, it shall also be carried out in accordance with safety regulations. Remember that there must be no violations such as rushing schedules and rush schedules to avoid safety construction. Construction must seriously implement the construction schedule.

4. Construction personnel must take safety precautions when entering the construction site. All construction personnel wear safety helmets. If there is high-altitude operation, they must also fasten their seat belts. All electrical equipment on the construction site needs special personnel to supervise and operate.

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