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How to maintain and maintain the clean workshop
Jun 21, 2018

Nowadays, many companies are inseparable from the cleanroom production. The cleanrooms become the main production sites. The cleanrooms can provide a high clean production environment, improve the quality of the products, and want the overall performance of the cleanroom to be improved. Some functions provide a stable internal environment for production. When using cleanrooms, it is necessary to formulate corresponding rules and regulations, and daily workshops need to be cleaned and maintained to ensure that the cleanroom meets the environment required for production. How to maintain and maintain the clean workshop.

1. The cleanroom is a production site. Therefore, the staff will work in the workshop. Any details of the staff will affect the internal environment of the workshop. Therefore, the stability in the workshop is ensured during the design, and the normal work of the staff is also required. The formulation of regulations in this way can increase the service life of the cleanroom and allow various equipments to exert better results. In the process of production, the staff members must strictly follow the rules and regulations, strictly require themselves, and forbid the equipment. damage.

2. The cleanliness of the cleanroom is not visible to the naked eye or anything else. It requires professional equipment to regularly inspect the air quality of the cleanroom. If the air quality is not up to standard, it must be cleaned and rectified in time to ensure the cleanroom interior. Air cleanliness. Therefore, to ensure the cleanliness of air in a clean room, it is necessary to conduct tests on a regular or irregular basis to promptly grasp the pollution index contained in the air. If the pollution index exceeds the limit, the air can be ventilated and disinfected. The environment has caused too much influence.

3, clean workshop to do a good job of daily maintenance, in the process of cleaning and maintenance to be comprehensive, to avoid the emergence of dead spots or places that do not meet the standard, we say that cleaning and maintenance is not just a large cleaning, cleaning and cleaning only, for air conditioning Other equipment also needs to be cleaned to ensure that the clean room meets the production standards and the quality of the air supply is higher.

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