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Decontamination project construction decoration requirements
Jun 21, 2018

Many products need to be produced in a high-cleanliness environment. Therefore, many production workshops will install purification engineering. The main role of purification engineering is to dilute the dust and particles in the workshop and remove it outdoors, so the decontamination works The safety requirements are very high, especially in the construction can not have any details of negligence, not strictly in accordance with the purification process installation, can not guarantee the cleanliness of the interior, the following describes the decontamination project construction decoration requirements.

1. Decontamination project construction requirements

The installation of indoor decontamination works must also ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of the interior. During the construction, it is necessary to clean the dust while constructing, especially the cleaning of concealed parts. For example, ceilings, technical mezzanines, etc. cannot accumulate pollutants, and records are made after cleaning. After the workshop has finished the dust operation, install a high-efficiency filter to prevent the filter from absorbing too much dust in advance and reduce the performance of the filter. For rooms that have already been installed, protective measures should be taken to prevent impact, stamping, knocking, etc. Multiple waterworks, etc., cause damage to or contamination of indoor materials. Decontamination requires reliable sealing within the chamber. Therefore, it is necessary to use a sealant. Before the application, it must be treated on the base layer. It must be free of impurities and oil, and it should be kept clean and dry to avoid the influence on the sealing performance.

The floor in the room cannot be smooth, smooth, and does not accumulate dust. Therefore, it is necessary to lay plastic sheets or coils on the floor. First, measure the area of the floor and select materials of appropriate size. Plates should be stored in accordance with specifications and size after they arrive at the site for easy access. When laying, it is necessary to coat the adhesive between the floor and the board to allow the board room and the ground to fully contact, remove the remaining air, and increase the firmness of the board. If the original workshop is rebuilt, it is necessary to cut off the power supply and flammable and explosive pipelines so as to avoid injury to personnel and use corrosive liquids to protect them. Temporary equipment entrances can be used. When not in use, close the entrance to prevent contaminants from entering the room.

2, the decontamination project decoration requirements.

Indoor ceilings, partition walls, and structural accessories all need to be connected to the main structure. They should not be connected to unstable structures and increase the danger. Different materials use different connection methods and are sealed with elastic materials. Good slots are reserved for pipelines and lines. After the pipelines and pipelines pass the inspection, they are sealed. The floor of the room should be made of waterproof and moisture-proof layers, and the indoor doors and windows should be sealed.

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