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Airflow design of GMP purification plant
Jun 21, 2018

The most important thing in a GMP purification plant is the degree of air cleanliness. To ensure the cleanliness of the air, it is necessary to transport high-purity air into the room. The airflow collects the pollutants in the workshop and sucks it into the discharge port, and discharges the harmful substances to the outdoor, if the purification plant The unreasonable air flow design will affect the production equipment, staff and lighting fixtures. Therefore, we must design the air flow in the GMP purification plant to ensure that the cleanliness of the air in the workshop meets the production requirements. The following describes the GMP purification plant for you. Air flow design.

1. The GMP purification plant needs to quickly and uniformly spread high-purity air to the entire clean area, disperse dust and particles from the pollution sources in the workshop, or dilute the invading particles and dust in a timely manner. The exhaust system will discharge air from the workshop. To the outside, this cycle continues to maintain the cleanliness required in the production environment.

2. The air flow in the purification plant needs to remove the dust and particles in the workshop to the outside as soon as possible. The air flow needs reasonable planning to avoid whirlpools, and the dust and particles in the workshop will be raised again, causing secondary pollution in the workshop. It is also necessary to avoid dead ends of the air flow and not to quickly remove contaminants. The design of the air flow needs to shorten the time that dust and particles stay in the workshop as much as possible, and reduce the chance of dust coming into contact with the product.

3, GMP purification plant not only need to take away the pollutants in the workshop, but also need to reasonably control the temperature and humidity of the purification plant, and finally also need to meet the comfort of the staff, due to different main tasks and the central air-conditioning room, so The organization of air flow must also be different.

In the purification plant, air-conditioned rooms and production workshops will be set. The air-conditioning rooms pay attention to comfort, and the production workshop needs to meet the air cleanliness, production needs of temperature, humidity, etc. The air-conditioning air distribution scheme is to create the air temperature difference as much as possible. Reduce the supply of air volume. Central air-conditioning equipment and pipelines are relatively small, and investment and operating costs are relatively low. Because the central air-conditioning blows into the workshop, it will cause great temperature differences. Therefore, in the layout of the workshop, it is necessary to avoid uneven air supply, cold air and hot air will cause uncomfortable feelings to the people, and the air-conditioning air supply will be a side air outlet. Or the top diffuser, the outlet need to have a strong turbulence coefficient, with the ability to eject the air flow of the temperature and humidity as soon as possible close to the indoor design temperature and humidity.

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