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Airflow characteristics of GMP purification plant
Jun 21, 2018

The GMP purification plant needs a professional purification engineering company to design and build. The purification plant needs to be inspected before it is put into use, and it needs to be put into use after various parameters are required. The most important one is the air purification system. There are dust, particles, etc. in the purification plant. Harmful substances, which require air flow to dilute harmful substances in the workshop, and timely discharge the suspended matter in the workshop to the outside. The air flow passes through reasonable planning and the air flow is evenly filled in the workshop to prevent the accumulation of suspended solids and pollute the workshop. The airflow has many characteristics. Introduce you to the airflow characteristics of the GMP purification plant.

The airflow organization in the GMP purification plant conducts air supply from the ground, and the supply air flow rolls up dust, particles, etc. on the ground to form an upward flow of air. A multi-stream of swirling air is formed in the workshop. This upward-directed air-supply method lifts relatively light dust and bacteria. A large shoe particle or comparative dust particles stays in the purification plant. When the particles accumulate at a high speed, the air flow cannot be rapidly taken away from the workshop and discharged to the outside, so that the harmful substances contact with the product for a long time and affect the cleanliness of the product. This is due to the different principles of clean air flow organization.

The GMP purification plant can be divided into two types according to the form. One is that a non-unidirectional flow can become a normal flow type or a turbulent flow type, that is, the air supply is not from a single direction. The other type is a one-way flow air supply method, which can also be called a laminar flow type. It is a uniform air supply from a single direction, and generally delivers air from a high clean area to a low cleanness. Reasonable choice of different air supply patterns, will also use two forms of air supply, also known as mixed air flow.

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