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Hospital Operation Room
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Hospital Operation Room

Customer name Project Type Location Coverage When Value k$USD Standard
Shiyan Taihe Hospital Operation Room ShiYan 16 Opr. Rooms 08.2002-01.2003 525 class Ⅰ: 2;classⅡ:4; classⅢ:10
Wuxi No.2 People's Hospital Operation Room Wuxi 10 Opr. Rooms 09.2005-12.2005 787 class Ⅰ: 2;classⅡ:4; classⅢ:4
Ankang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine Operation Room Ankang 6 Opr. Rooms 06.2005-08.2005 590 class Ⅰ: 1;classⅡ:2; classⅢ:3
Wuxi Huishan People's Hospital Operation Room Wuxi 9 Opr. Rooms 04.2006-06.2006 918 class Ⅰ: 1;classⅡ:3; classⅢ:5
Wuxi Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Operation Room Wuxi 2000 m2 06.2006-09.2006 669 Certified